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As Low As £2.00
Viewing Distances

Ensure important rooms, facilities and directions are all prominently signposted in the workplace

  • Provide general information to employees and visitors about room functions around your site
  • Simple to understand - black symbol and black text on a white background
  • Conforms to EN ISO 7010:2012
  • Great value & very durable - manufactured from either rigid plastic or self-adhesive flexible vinyl
  • Easy to apply - both sign types come with their own adhesive which is suitable for smooth, non-porous surfaces. Rigid plastic signs can be fixed to other surfaces using screws (not supplied)
Sign Type:
General Sign
Sign Reads:
Exit – Slide right
Sizes Available:
150x150mm | 200x200mm
1mm Rigid Plastic or Self Adhesive Vinyl
How To Order:
Select the Required Size, Material and Quantity then click `Add To Basket`

The Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 (the Safety Signs Regulations) implement European Council Directive 92/58/EEC on minimum requirements for the provision of safety signs at work. This guidance is aimed at helping employers meet their responsibilities under these Regulations.


Our entire range of safety signs adhere to the safety colour regulations. This ensures that certain colours represent specific meanings.

The Health and Safety Sign Regulations 1996 require employers to display safety signage where there is a risk to the health and safety that cannot be avoided or controlled. Safety signs are not a substitute for other methods of controlling risks such as engineering controls and safe work systems.

They apply to all workplaces and to all activities where people are employed, but exclude signs used in connection with transport or the supply and marketing of dangerous substances, products and equipment.

These regulations also mention that the use of road traffic signs in the workplace is needed to regulate road traffic.

Fire Safety

BS5499-2 Fire safety signs, notices and graphic symbols is the standard for fire safety signs. Our range of Fire Safety Signs comply with BS5499-2 and where necessary, they also comply with EN ISO 7010:2012. In general, these regulations will not require any changes where existing fire safety signs containing symbols comply.

EN ISO 7010:2012

Originally introduced in 2003, then revised in 2012; EN ISO 7010:2012 has been accepted into EU law and provides standardised safety messages – wherever you are!

Why EN ISO 7010

The goal of the standard is to introduce a globally recognised range of pictograms. Many look similar to their predecessors, but have been updated to increase the clarity of their message.

Where does EN ISO 7010 apply?

EN ISO 7010 is applicable for all workplaces and locations where visitors need to be warned of potential hazards and proper procedure. Fire Exit Signs and No Smoking Signs are great examples of mandatory standard use signs.

What does Eureka! offer?

Our full range of safety signs is EN ISO 7010:2012 compliant. Constructed to the highest quality, most of our signs are available in durable rigid plastic or self-adhesive flexible vinyl

Safety Signs Viewing Distances

Price List - To order please specify a quantity. Then click the "Add to Basket" button.

Prices exclude VAT at 20%

AQ2460-R - Exit – Slide Right - 150x150mm

Size 150 x 150mm
Material 1mm Rigid Plastic
1 - 4 £4.10
5 - 9 £3.99
10+ £3.89

AQ2460-S - Exit – Slide Right - 150x150mm

Size 150x150mm
Material Self Adhesive Vinyl
1 - 4 £2.37
5 - 9 £2.21
10+ £2.00

AQ2461-S - Exit – Slide Right - 200x200mm

Size 200x200mm
Material Self Adhesive Vinyl
1 - 4 £2.58
5 - 9 £2.47
10+ £2.26

AQ2461-R - Exit – Slide Right - 200x200mm

Size 200 x 200mm
Material 1mm Rigid Plastic
1 - 4 £4.83
5 - 9 £4.73
10+ £4.57
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