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Eureka! Direct is the UK’s number 1 source for first aid supplies and infection control products with a 100% no quibble guarantee!

First Aid Supplies

Here at Eureka we have one of the largest collections of first aid supplies available and strive to bring you the products you need, when you need them. Whether it is sterile plasters or instant ice packsfirst aid kits or eyewash podsdisposable gloves or alcohol free wipes we are sure we’ll to be able to help you!


With a wide selection, our sterile plasters cover an extensive range of applications. Assorted Sterile Plasters are our most popular offering and are great for small cuts and grazes, but if you have a more specific need we cater for that too.

We offer a fantastic range of Blue Detectable Plasters which are mandatory in catering environments and our range of Washproof Plasters are ideal for day to day use on hands and other exposed areas.

Cuts and grazes on young children can be traumatic; by using our Children’s Plasters you are sure to put a smile back on their face. With fun designs you can be sure they will keep them on and heal up quickly!

In our range you will also find superior and premium branded first aid plasters from well known manufacturers BSN and Steroplast.

Hot & Cold Therapy

We have a wide range of hot and cold therapy products; designed to treat soft tissue injuries, our Instant Ice Packs turn ice cold in seconds and our Instant Heat Packs, warm quickly!

Our range also includes reusable gel packs which can be used for both hot and cold therapy and are ideal for more prolonged treatment. We also have a range of heat and cooling sprays which provide relief without the weight of a pack, making them ideal for use at work and throughout the day.

Popular applications for our hot and cold therapy products include treating sports injuries, treatment for chronic ailments such as back pain and treating children’s bumps and bruises.


Emergency eyewash is important in workplaces where there is a hazard which could contaminate eyes. We have a broad range of eyewash products – podsbottles and stations – all designed to be used in eye emergencies and designed to be kept available to all relevant employees at all times.

Once you have irrigated the eye, we also supply Eye BandagesEyebaths for continued treatment and Eyewash Guideline Posters to inform all staff of the proper procedures to deal with eye emergencies.

Infection Control

Here at Eureka! Direct we can help you protect your workforce from infection and illness with our infection control products. Whether you need alcohol free wipes or sick bagsdisposable aprons or hand sanitisersdisinfectant wipes or disposable gloves we can be sure to help!

Hand Sanitisers

Hand hygiene is an important part of infection control. During flu season, this is extra important as keyboards, telephones and desks become breading grounds for bacteria and germs. Keeping your employees healthy is a very real concern for small and large businesses alike.

Our wide range of hand hygiene products features alcohol based and alcohol free sanitisers, as well as a range of traditional soaps and more extensive surgical and medical hand cleaning.

Ideal for keeping on a desk or in a bag, our Purell Advanced range kills 99.99% of most common germs and conforms to European Norms. If you are looking for an alcohol free alternative our No-Germs range is 100% alcohol free and kind to hands. With its anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent, it is safe around children and pets and doesn’t require water for use.


Here at Eureka! our range of wipes have a variety of applications. From disinfectant wipes to patient wipesalcohol free wipes to medical and clinical wipesmultipurpose wipes to hand wipes we are sure to have the wipes you need!

Our range of alcohol free wipes are safe to use on children and sensitive skin and are great to add to first aid kits; our Eureka! brand wipes are individually sterile wrapped and meet the requirements for the First Aid at Work ACOP.

In our range of patient wipes we feature products from brand leader Conti. These soft and strong wipes are kind to skin, super absorbent and ideal from regular use in a medical environment.

Disposable Gloves

Featuring 48 different varieties, all in sizes small to extra large, we are sure to have the right glove for you. Our most popular materials are nitrile, latex and vinyl and all offer protection against chemicals. Nitrile is the most chemical resistant, followed closely by latex and then vinyl. Nitrile offers three times the resistance to cuts and tears than their latex alternatives.

Fulfilling a variety of applications, we can help you protect your hands while at work:

First Aid Kits

With over 80 first aid kits in various sizes, we are sure to be able to find you the right kit for your needs. The areas we cover are as follows:

  • BS8599-1 First Aid Kits: Contents complies the BS8599-1 standard implemented by the British Standards Institute. Ideal for workplaces looking to comply.
  • Catering First Aid Kits: Designed specifically for use in catering environments and commercial kitchens. Contents include blue detectable versions of popular products.
  • Children’s First Aid Kits: Meeting the needs of everyday bumps, bruises and grazes, these kits are perfect if you have children or just look after them.
  • HSE First Aid Kits: Great value for money, these kits offer basic compliance with the Health and Safety Executive guidelines. Ideal for small businesses looking to cover their team.
  • Premium First Aid Kits: Designed to provide rapid response in the event of an emergency these kits feature a wide array of products and are supplied in convenient grab bags.
  • Personal First Aid Kits: Ideal for lone workers, or use around the home; these basic kits, can be stored in a bag or draw for first aid when you need it.
  • Sports First Aid Kits: Specifically designed to meet the various needs of specific sports and featuring a range of cold therapy products these kits are ideal for sports teams and pitch side physios alike.
  • Vehicle First Aid Kits: Contents helps employers comply with BS8599-2. These lightweight and compact kits are great for storing in vehicles to treat minor injuries on the road.
  • Wallace Cameron First Aid Kits: Wallace Cameron have been servicing the needs of the first aid market for over 60 years. Their high quality and innovative kits cover a range of applications from basic home kits to fully stocked BS8599-1 kits.

BS8599-1 First Aid Kits

Until the British Standard Institute introduced the BS8599-1 standard, in an emergency businesses could find their kits lack the essentials needed or included out of date or waste components. Often kits don’t contain enough wipes, plasters or sacks in which to dispose of dressings, so employers may have to buy additional supplies to supplement their kit.

The standard recommends the correct number of supplies for small, medium and large kits and also recommends how many kits are needed depending on the size of the organisation and their level of risk.

What size is required?

Employers are required to undertake a risk assessment to decide the hazard and how many employees are involved in the area.

Workplace Category Number of employees First aid kit size required
Low hazard:
Shops, offices, libraries etc.
Less than 25 Small kit
25-100 Medium kit
More than 100 1 large kit per 100 employees
High hazard:
Light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing etc.
Less than 5 Small kit
5-25 Medium kit
More than 25 1 large kit per 25 employees

Here at Eureka! we are happy to offer BS8599-1 First Aid Kits in a variety of cases to meet your needs.

HSE First Aid Kits

The HSE recommends that employers carry out a first aid needs assessment, to ascertain the level of provision needed. The minimum requirement is a suitably stocked first aid kit; your assessment may indicate extra materials and equipment is required such as scissors or extra wipes.

Here at Eureka! we have taken the trouble out of sorting your first aid kits, by supplying HSE first aid kits which comply with the HSE minimum guidelines. This will ensure that you have a kit to hand which can be used for minor injuries and day to day first aid.

Our Service Guarantees

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