First Aid For Eyes

First aid for eyes is especially important when in environments where eye contamination is a strong possibility. Our range of eye first aid essentials include pods, bottles, stations, kits and bandages - All helping to ensure that any eyewash/eye first aid requirements are met. A simple and effective way to comply with HSE requirements.

Eyewash Stations

A range of dispensers to keep eyewash products accessible at all times

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Eyewash Kits

First aid kits specifically designed for dealing with eye related emergencies

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Eyewash Bottles

Ideal for complying with HSE eyewash guidelines around the workplace

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Eyewash Pods

Provide an economical solution to eye irrigation and more

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Eyewash Accessories

A selection of accessories for eye treatment and irrigation purposes

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EurekaPlast Quick Fix Eye Bandages

Ideal for rapid application in an emergency - no pins, no tapes, no knots

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EurekaPlast Eye Dressings with Bandage

Soft, absorbent wound pad cushions the injured area and protects from infection

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Blue Sterile Dressing

Blue eyepad ideal for catering applications or where visual detection is important

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