First Aid For Burns

Our range of first aid products for treating burn injuries includes consumable items such as dressings, gels and sprays, as well as best selling complete kits for environments where there is a risk of burn or scald injuries occurring.

Burns Kits

Kits for use in workplaces, on day trips or for keeping close to hand

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Burnfree Burn Dressings

Specially designed for treating burns - saturated with cooling gel

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Burnfree Gel Bottles

Easy to apply - provides immediate relief for minor burns

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Burnfree Gel Sachets

Economical to use - provides a measured dose of cooling gel to injury

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Protective Hydrogel Burns Plasters

Moist cooling hydrogel in a plaster format to protect and soothe

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CoolTherm Burn Relief Gel Dressing

Relieve the pain of burns and cool down the immediate area

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CoolTherm Burn Relief Gel Bottle

Rapid burn relief to soothe discomfort

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CoolTherm Gel Sachets

Fast relief from scalds and burns

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Economy Burns Sachets

Promotes healing, cools and soothes

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Economy Burns Dressings

For fast and effective relief from burns and scalds

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Cederroth Burns Gel Dressings

Quick cooling and rapid pain relief for first and second degree burns

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Cederroth Burns Gel Spray

Rapid cooling and effective pain relief for burns

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Cederroth First Aid & Burn Station

Highly recommended in kitchens and catering environments

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