First Aid Kits & Cabinets

A wide range of first aid kits to suit any workplace or school, or even for travelling. Includes best-selling kits filled with fully compliant HSE and BS8599-1:2019 contents, to ensure your kit is in accordance with first aid standards and guidance.
Empty cases, bags and locking cabinets also available for safe storage and organisation of a bespoke kit!

First Aid Cabinets/Stations

Ideal for bulk storage of first aid, supplied empty or with fully compliant contents

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Children's First Aid Kits

A selection of School, Day Trip and Childminders First Aid Kits

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HSE First Aid Kits

Great value for money - basic compliance with HSE first aid guidelines

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BS8599-1:2019 Compliant First Aid Kits

BS8599-1:2019 kits contain the required contents of a Workplace First Aid Kit

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Personal First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits for lone workers, first aiders and for use around the home

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Glow In The Dark First Aid Kits & Stations

Our new innovative range of glow in the dark first aid kits and stations!

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PBH Medical Talking First Aid Guide & Kits

Our classic first aid kits accompanied by a new talking first aid guide!

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Catering First Aid Kits

Food hygiene first aid kits with blue contents ideal for catering environments

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Vehicle First Aid Kits

A range of first aid kits to comply with various vehicle legislation

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First Aid Stations

Create central focal points for all of your first aid, eye wash and burns equipment

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Empty First Aid Boxes

A huge range of empty First Aid Boxes to build your own kits

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Premium First Aid Kits

Provide rapid and effective response in the event of a disaster or emergency

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Piece First Aid Kits

Our brand new range of Piece First Aid Kits are available in a number of sizes and variety of case, bag or cabinet options

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Sports First Aid Kits

Ensure that you are always prepared for sporting injuries with our range of sports kits

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Response First Aid Kits

Comprehensive kits designed to be used in emergency first response situations

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Wallace Cameron First Aid Kits

A range of first aid kits from Wallace Cameron

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Mini First Aid Kits

Compact First Aid Kits for when space is of a premium

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Empty First Aid Bags

A huge range of empty First Aid Bags to build your own kits

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Travel First Aid

A wide range of first aid kits for lone workers and travel scenarios

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