Medical Room Equipment

Choose efficient and economic storage solutions in our medical room storage units range, and maintain cleanliness with our wide range of paper disposables. Dispose of sharps and biohazard materials safely and securely with our biohazard & sharps disposal solutions.


An essential range of couches suitable for many medical environments

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Medical Screens

Highest quality medical screens to protect patient privacy

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Products for testing, diagnosis and general patient monitoring

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Casualty Handling

A range of equipment to aid casualty handling tasks incl foil blankets & wheelchairs

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Medical Storage

Safely store away medical devices and equipment with our medical storage

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Drug Storage and Dispensing

Storage and Dispensing - Ideal for bulk storage of first aid and pharmaceuticals

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Medical Refrigeration

A range of pharmacy and lab refrigeration from Lec and Labcold

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Medical Room Accessories

A range of accessories to suit medical rooms and GP surgeries

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Couch Steps

A practical and stylish addition to your treatment room to improve access

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Medical Trolleys

Convenient mobile storage and dispensing of drugs and other medical supplies

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Chairs and Stools

Stools and chairs suitable for a wide variety of workplaces

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Mobility & Living Aids

Includes wheelchairs, walking sticks, bathroom and toileting aids

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Paper Disposables

High quality paper disposables for washrooms, kitchens & medical rooms

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Bins and Waste Control

Medical bins, waste sacks, biohazard control and waste management

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Medical Room Furniture Packages

Great range of first aid room sets, perfect for a variety of workplaces and schools

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