Special Offers

We update our special offers regularly, so keep checking out site for the latest deals. From Get 1 Free deals on best sellers to significant savings on certain products, you’ll find some great offers at Eureka! Direct.

EurekaPlast Assorted Sterile Plasters

Assorted sizes and shaped plasters are suitable for a variety of cuts and grazes

£9.30 Buy Now
Reliwash Eyewash Pods

Cost effective eyewash pods relieve irritation and discomfort to the eye

£12.45 Buy Now
500ml Sterowash Eyewash Bottles

Eyewash bottles satisfies the HSE guidelines for eyewash in the workplace

£9.00 Buy Now
Burnfree Gel Sachets

Economical to use - provides a measured dose of cooling gel to injury

£19.25 Buy Now
Bum Bag First Aid Kit

A perfect first aid solution for lone workers, drivers and playground attendants

£12.75 Buy Now
Litter Pickers

A hygienic way to control litter and keep your premises tidy for visitors and staff

£16.85 Buy Now
Carell Personal Care Wipes

All in one patient skin wipes for the body, hands and face

£2.90 Buy Now
First Aider Badge

First Aider Badge allows for easy identification of appointed first aid staff

£2.30 Buy Now
BS8599-1:2019 Compliant School First Aid Kits

BS8599-1:2019 compliant kits supplemented with additional items to treat school children

£39.35 Buy Now