Infection Control

Due to the current high volume of face masks orders, we are unable to offer any face masks at this time. Here are some alternative infection control products to consider to help prevent the spread of viruses and infections, along with practical steps one should take based on World Health Organization recommendations.

Clean your hands with soap and water, alcohol-based hand rub or hand-wipes. Our best-selling hand gel kills 99.99% of the most common harmful germs

Hand Hygiene

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Keep hands, medical devices and surfaces around you clean at all times. Surface wipes work against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and pathogens. Alcohol-based disinfectant wipes are the most effective


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Nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves can offer an added barrier to infection between hand washes. Gloves should be changed regularly to encourage frequent hand washing.

Disposable Gloves

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Disinfectant cleaning solutions are an effective means of neutralising viruses, bacteria and fungi without damaging equipment or surfaces

Disinfection & Cleaning Essentials

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Aprons, coveralls and oversleeves offer a reliable means of protection against splashes and spills that could otherwise prove hazardous

Disposable Clothing

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The risk of infection can be reduced by covering your nose and mouth with tissues when coughing and sneezing. Paper towels are perfect for quickly cleaning up minor spills and messes.

Paper Disposables

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