Hygiene & Infection Control

Ensure that your working environment is always clean and safe with our range of Infection Control products. From hand and surface sanitisation, sharps disposal and waste bags to protective clothing and paper disposables we have everything you need to maintain high standards of cleanliness.

Hand Hygiene

A range of antibacterial and disinfectant soaps & hand cleansers

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Hand Gel and Soap Dispensers

Ensure easy access to hand hygiene as part of a COVID-Secure environment

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COVID-19 Testing & Accessories

Rapid COVID tests and medical accessories for testing and vaccination centres.

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Face Masks & Coverings

Disposable masks and reusable face coverings

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Body Fluid and Sharps Disposal

Products for the safe handling and disposal of body fluid and hazardous materials

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A wide range of wipes to assist in disinfecting and sanitising areas

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A range of thermometers both for medical and workplace applications

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Surface And Room Sanitising

Cleaning products to help keep your workplace clean and sanitised

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COVID-Secure Workplace Signs

Clear signage designed to maintain a COVID secure workplace

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Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves in Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile and much more

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Protective Clothing

A range of disposable clothing to assist in clean-ups and messy tasks

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Infection Control Signs

Coronavirus specific hygiene protocol to help minimise the impact on businesses

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Social Distancing Essentials

Ensure appropriate levels of social distancing are maintained at all times

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Hi-Visibility Clothing

Protect your employees with a quick and convenient way to be seen!

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Reusable Gloves

Durable and dexterous multi-purpose gloves

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Hygiene Screens

A range of hygiene screens available as either desktop or floorstanding variants

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Door Hygiene

Covers and push pads self-disinfect to minimise the spread of viruses

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Paper Disposables

High quality paper disposables for washrooms, kitchens & medical rooms

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Bins and Waste Control

Medical bins, waste sacks, biohazard control and waste management

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COVID-Secure Workplaces

Guidance from HSE and Public Health England to help ensure the safety of your workforce

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COVID-Secure Schools

Ensure your school has all it needs to keep staff and students safe

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Wipes Special Offers

Save money when you buy wipes in one of our bulk buy or bundle offers

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Hand Hygiene Special Offers

All our great hand hygiene offers and bundles in one single page

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Hygiene Special Promotions

All our great hygiene offers and bundles in one single page

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