Dressings are ideal when a plaster is just too small; no first aid kit should be without them. Dressings are excellent at absorbing blood and protecting larger wounds from bacteria, infection and dirt. We have an extensive range of dressings suitable for a range of day to day first aid applications, for use individually or in combination with Bandages.

Gauze Swabs

Sterile wrapped for peace of mind when cleaning wounds prior to dressing

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Low Adherent Dressings

Wound dressing pads with a protective film on the wound side

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Sterile Dressings with Bandages

Soft, comfortable and highly absorbent wound dressings - a first aid staple

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Adhesive Dressings

High quality adhesive dressings for a wide range of wound sizes

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Specialist Dressings

Offering advanced and alternative treatments for common injuries

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Ambulance Dressings

Heavy duty dressings for treating injuries which may result in severe blood loss

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Dressing Packs

A range of dressing packs suitable for a variety of medical applications

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