Plasters come in a variety of ranges and sizes depending on what you need them for; we have Clear Plasters, Washproof Plasters, Fabric Plasters and Blue Detectable Plasters.

All are sterile and protect wounds from friction, bacteria and dirt, ensuring everyday cuts and grazes are less disturbed during the healing process.

Blue Detectable Plasters

Highly visible blue plasters with metal detectable strip beneath the wound pad

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Fabric Plasters

Tough fabric construction is ideal for heavy duty applications

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Washproof Plasters

High quality backing material is resistant to water and other liquids

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Assorted Plasters

Assorted sizes and shapes are suitable for a variety of cuts and grazes

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Wound Closure Strips

A range of highly effective wound closure strips provide superior results

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Adhesive Dressing Strips

Non sterile dressing strips that can be cut to the exact length required

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Specialist Plasters

A range of plasters and treatments for more specialist wounds and applications

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Clear Washproof Plasters

Suitable for all skin tones, these water resistant plasters stay on when wet

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Patch Natural Bamboo Plasters

Patch Natural Bamboo Plasters are an eco-friendly alternative plaster

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Children`s Plasters

A selection of colourful, fun plasters for children and bigger kids!

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Plaster Dispensers

Plaster dispensers provide a solution to dressing cut fingers

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Blister Plasters and Treatment

Specifically for treating existing blisters & providing an ideal healing environment

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