Fire & Safety Equipment

Fire Extinguishers

The Firechief range of fire extinguishers are packed with high performance powder, foam and fire smothering additives

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Fire Log Books

Fire safety log books to enable building owners, managers and other responsible persons to demonstrate their commitment to fire safety legislation

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Fire Blankets and Stations

Fire blankets can be used to extinguish small fires in the workplace, homes and even caravans

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Fire Safety Accessories

A range of excellent fire safety accessories to go along with our extinguishers and other fire safety & emergency products

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Fire Point Stations

Create clear and obvious focal points for fire extinguishers, alarms and log books

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A wide range of PPE and hi vis clothing to remain safe during work tasks

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Safety Signage, Books & Labels

A wide range of safety signs, books and posters for communicating important information in the workplace

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PPE Stations

Ensure staff and visitors are wearing the correct PPE for your workplace

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Access Products

A range of step ladders, ramps and access platforms in a range of sizes

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Electrical Safety

Cost effective electrical safety equipment to help prevent trips and falls

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Hazardous Substance Control

Fire Cabinets and lockers for the safe storage of chemical substances

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Trucks and Trolleys

Safe and effective movement of heavy loads for members of staff

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Visitor Registration Systems

A range of practical visitor books and extensive variety of name badges

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