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EurekaPlast Adhesive Wound Dressings

Adhesive wound dressings ideal for dressing contoured and jointed areas of the body

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EurekaPlast Assorted Sterile Plasters

Assorted sizes and shaped plasters are suitable for a variety of cuts and grazes

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EurekaPlast Sterile Dressings

Sterile dressings fulfil the statutory requirement for HSE compliant first aid kits

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Koolpak Standard Reusable Hot/Cold Packs

Durable packs for use hot or cold - great for treating soft tissue injuries

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Koolpak Compact Instant Ice Packs

Our Original Instant Ice Pack in a compact size, single use pack

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Koolpak Original Instant Ice Packs

The original Koolpak cold pack that cools itself for instant therapy

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Fabric Sterile Plasters

Tough fabric construction is ideal for heavy duty applications

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Steroplast Assorted Sterile Plasters

High quality branded plasters available in a range of shapes and sizes

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Sterowash Eyewash Pods

Compact 20ml pods are an essential addition to first aid kits and cabinets

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Kool Kids Instant Cold Packs

Not just for children – compact size is ideal for adding to first aid kits

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Koolpak Deluxe Hot/Cold Packs

Heavy-duty conforming nylon coated bag for user comfort and durability

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Sterostrip Washproof Sterile Plasters

High quality hypoallergenic washproof sterile plasters from Steroplast

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Pink Washproof Sterile Plasters

Hypoallergenic with high quality backing resistant to water and other liquids

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Superior Blue Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Durable and comfortable disposable gloves feature a smooth exterior finish with textured fingertips

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EurekaPlast Low Adherent Dressings

Wound dressing pads with a protective film on the wound side

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EurekaPlast Eye Dressings with Bandage

Soft, absorbent wound pad cushions the injured area and protects from infection

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Reliwash Eyewash Pods

Cost effective eyewash pods relieve irritation and discomfort to the eye

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Sterile Saline Moist Cleansing Wipes

Sterile Alcohol Free wipes conform to the new BS8599-1 requirement

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Economy Vinyl Powder Free Gloves

An excellent alternative to latex and nitrile gloves, offering outstanding value

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Steropax Sterile Dressings

High quality wound dressings manufactured to meet NHS requirements

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EurekaPlast Quick Fix Finger Bandages

Unique dressings that provide maximum protection to finger wounds with no pins or tapes

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Economy Blue Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

The most economical powder free blue nitrile gloves in the range

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Steropore Adhesive Wound Dressings

High quality adhesive dressings for a wide range of wound sizes

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CareBag VOM Vomit Bags

Absorbent sick bags are an essential addition to day trip first aid provisions

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Sterile Cutisoft Gauze Swabs

4 ply construction absorbs 40% more liquid than traditional woven swabs

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Buy One Get One Free - Disposable 3 Ply Masks

Non woven disposable face masks with ear loops

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Pulp Bowls

Suitable when bowl and contents must be disposed of after use

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