Specialist Gloves

Heatwave Gloves

Ideal for utensil handling, kitchen and general maintenance applications

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Polyco Hot Gloves

Protected against contact temperatures of up to 250 degrees centigrade

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Electricians Gauntlets

Ideal for electrical maintenance, installation and wiring applications

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Polyco Anti-Vibration Tremor-Low Gloves

Seamless knitted shell with anti-vibration coating, ideal for automotive and construction

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TurtleSkin CP Insider 330 Gloves

Outstanding puncture resistance, including over the fingertips

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Polyflex™ Hydro KC Hydrophobic Grip Gloves

Water repellent gloves with a foamed nitrile three-quarter coating and touch sensitive fingertips

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Polyflex™ Hydro C5 Hydrophobic Cut Resist Gloves

Water repellent cut resistant gloves provide robust protection for challenging environments

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TurtleSkin CP Insider 430

Level 5 cut protection ensures protection against extreme cut hazards

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TurtleSkin CP Insider 530

Protects from high-risk threats that could lead to serious injuries

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UCI Adept-Air 18 Gauge Gloves

Nylon and Lycra blend 18 gauge, extremely lightweight liner provides unrivalled comfort

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