Under Gloves & Liners

Children's Eczema Gloves

Super soft gloves for preventing direct scratching of eczema/wounds

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UCI Cotton Drill Gloves

Ideal for light handling, low risk applications or as a liner for other work gloves

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Cotton Forchette Gloves

White cotton inspection gloves ideal for valet and inspection work

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Thermit Thermal Knitted Gloves

Perfect for insulation against the cold, either on their own or under other gloves

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Adult Eczema Gloves

Help to prevent scratching of irritated skin that leads to broken skin and sores

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UCI Premium Stockinette Gloves

Higher quality alternative to our regular stockinette gloves

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Polyco Dermatology Cotton Gloves

Designed for those who experience skin irritation and need to apply creams

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Polyco Serva Cotton Gloves

Lightweight gloves made of natural fibres, offering a high degree of dexterity

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