Regularly sanitising premises is an essential step to take during the current pandemic, particularly before re-opening. Zapptizer is an innovative sanitising solution that is significantly more cost effective than hiring an external company to conduct regular deep cleans, and is much more practical than other cleaning methods for thorough disinfection of all areas.

Zapptizer is a revolutionary new product and the perfect solution to your business’ sanitising requirements.
Sanitises between 500-600 square metres — destroying viruses and bacteria!

Why Buy Zapptizer?

  • Quick & Easy

    Innovative system is very simple to use and allows you to sanitise premises or vehicles fast - much easier than cleaning sprays or wipes, and reaches places other methods can't

  • Effective

    The high quality, nontoxic sanitiser acts fast to kill a huge range of viruses & bacteria as well as providing long lasting residual action

  • Kind To Skin

    Biocidal formula provides thorough disinfection without causing dryness or irritation

  • Non-Corrosive & Non-Staining

    Can be used on a wide range of surfaces without risk of damage or corrosion

  • Highly Versatile

    Zapptizer can be used on plants, equipment, walls, floors, in both hot and cold applications leaving a pleasant berry odour

  • Suitable For All Premises

    Ideal for businesses, healthcare environments, garages, cleaning companies, schools, care homes, hotels and anywhere that sees regular contact with the general public